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Production programme of company tend predominantly to manufacturing hot-processed coiled screw springs from diameter of the input material 1O mm - 35 mm on maximal unrolled lenght 5.4OO mm

Screw springs utilization

  • track vehicles
  • agriculture engineering
  • general engineering
  • industrial processing

High quality

Springs are manufactured according to ČSN 026002, to the customer's type as well as to the requirement of the customer.

ISO Certifikát - logo

Control mechanisms

Production, input check as well as production control pursuant to certifi cate ČSN EN ISO 9001.

Hot - processed screw springs

Catalogue of information

Catalogue of information (including language versions EN, DE, CZ)
Catalogue of information (PDF; 6,5 MB)

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Grewis, s.r.o. |
We produce disk springs, leaf springs, and flat-shaped springs. Surface treatment of materiále is by jetting, shot peening. Heat treatment - hardening - tempering.